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I began A Gold Noise 13 years ago on myspace.com. At the time, I hadn’t considered writing a viable profession. This site was simply a catharsis for the myriad of annoying thoughts residing in my mind. Writing became an excellent, addictive purge to scatter myself in type and continue on with life.

However, wonderfully so, blogging evolved into something greater. I discovered that my candor on sexuality, religion, dating, being a woman, blah, blah, blah became a catalyst for others to share their stories in return.

Negative thoughts stored in the privacy of our minds have the ability to fester and leave us each feeling terribly alone. The great irony is that there is nothing new under the sun: we’re all sharing the human experience together. No matter how dissimilar we appear, our journeys prove far more universal than not.

I hope that my willingness to expose myself will encourage you to do the same.

None of us are alone. Life can be shit. But I’ll be here, publicly wading through it on our behalf. Keep your secrets if you like but I’ll be telling mine. xx

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